Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Windows 8 Release Preview coming this June

Windows 8 Release Preview coming this June
Microsoft has announced another preview edition of Windows 8 will be released to the general public in June, called Windows 8 Release Preview, which will be closest yet to the final version.

The Redmond giant has already released two preview editions of Windows 8 before this – theDeveloper Preview was released in September last year, while the Consumer Preview released at the end of February. Interestingly, more than 100,000 changes have been made to Windows 8 since the Developer Preview.
So far, Microsoft has also detailed the SKUs of Windows 8 that will hit the market, Windows 8,Windows 8 Pro, and Windows RT (for ARM), as well as a host of their respective features. The first two, meant for x86 systems, will be available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions.
Windows 8 has been called the “most significant redesign” of the operating system since Windows 95, and a lot of hopes are riding on the platform, a much bigger gamble than just a way into the tablet, and in the future, with Windows Phone 8, phone markets.
The new operating system is due to be released this October-November, and Microsoft's already at work on the Windows Store, a marketplace for both Metro-style apps, and regular Windows software. Our recent poll of our readers " What do you think about Windows 8 Consumer Preview?,"  showed much interest in the Windows 8 platform, with the majority answering: "It's great, I am excited!"

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