Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Apple to launch a cross between the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro

When rumours surface regarding Apple one may be quick to jump the gun and figure it will pertain to their iOS range of devices. This is in reality quite true as the recent slew of rumours have been centered on the upcoming iPhone. However, the latest bit of information courtesy of MacRumors is regarding the brand’s MacBook models where it is expected that the brand will launch a hybrid notebook that will feature the portability of the MacBook Air and the power of the MacBook Pro.
Excellent build quality, as always
Will a hybrid MacBook be on Apple's roadmap?

As per the report, research analyst Ming-Chi Kuo states, “Apple’s Mac business in 2Q12 will be boosted by several factors. Three of which are: (1) Mountain Lion, which integrates iOS features with Mac OS, Apple TV’s interaction function, will be launched in June; (2) upgrading to Ivy Bridge; and (3) back-to-school demand. We forecast Apple will sell 5.32 million units of the Mac series (up 28.5% QoQ and 35.2% YoY) in 2Q12, making it the main growth driver. We also predict Apple will roll out a fully new MacBook model in early 3Q12, boasting strong performance and easy carryability by combining the advantages of MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. While adding new products, Apple is likely to stop making the 17-inch MacBook Pro this year due to falling shipments, in order to maintain a lean product line strategy.”

Many users the world over have appreciated the design and portability that comes along with the MacBook Air but one common sentiment shared by most is that it does not offer the same functionality as the MacBook Pro range of notebooks. However, if they do intend to launch the hybrid MacBook, then an unfortunate victim will come in the form of the largest sized MacBook Pro.

What needs to be seen if Apple does indeed launch the hybrid version, is what would happen to the 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro models. There is a good chance that the speculated hybrid MacBook could cannibalize the market of the current MacBook Pro notebooks. 

As all this is still not set in stone, we have to just wait and watch how the whole thing pans out.

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